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Dr. Deepak Kulkarni

A Journey of Destiny – Dr. Deepak Kulkarni The ‘Young Seniors’ Cycling Expedition: In December 2022, a group of senior citizens known as the ‘Young Seniors’ embarked on a 40-day cycling expedition from Koteshwar, Gujarat, to Kibithu, Arunachal Pradesh. Young…

Doctor on Wheels

Doctor on Wheels – Dr. Swaminathan The Mobile Hospital in Madurai Extends Affordable Healthcare Services to Reach 25,000 Senior Citizens at Their Homes. Dr. Swaminathan C’s initiative, ‘Doctor on Wheels,’ is a commendable effort to provide affordable and easily accessible…

Honouring Her Father – Portia Putatunda

Honouring Her Father – Portia Putatunda “Honouring Her Father: Ex-Journalist Establishes Free Boarding School in India’s Highest Village” Portia Putatunda’s fondest memory of her late father is of him playing and singing nursery rhymes with children, reflecting his love for…