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Doctor on Wheels - Dr. Swaminathan

The Mobile Hospital in Madurai Extends Affordable Healthcare Services to Reach 25,000 Senior Citizens at Their Homes.

Dr. Swaminathan C’s initiative, ‘Doctor on Wheels,’ is a commendable effort to provide affordable and easily accessible healthcare services to elderly individuals in Madurai, India. 

The program was initiated in 2019 with the goal of delivering medical care directly to patients’ doorsteps, inspired by the idea that if food can be delivered, so can quality healthcare.

Dr. Swaminathan C has a background in medicine, having completed his MBBS and post-graduation in emergency medicine. He gained experience by working in the intensive care unit of a private medical college for five years. 

During this time, he encountered many senior citizens who faced logistical challenges when it came to seeking medical care, particularly when they lived in multi-story buildings and had difficulty accessing hospitals. 

Additionally, many of these elderly individuals were left unattended as their children lived abroad.

Driven by the need to address these issues, Dr. Swaminathan C conceived the idea for ‘Doctor on Wheels.’ 

He transformed a Maruti Eco car into a specialized ambulance, equipping it with essential medical equipment such as ICUs, infusion pumps, oxygen cylinders, and syringe drivers.

This mobile medical unit allows him to provide healthcare services to not only the elderly but also individuals who cannot be easily transported to a hospital, such as children with disabilities. 

This initiative not only improves access to healthcare but also helps patients save on hospital expenses.

The ‘Doctor on Wheels’ ambulance is highly active, covering a distance of 60 km per day and responding to a minimum of 25 calls daily. 

Over the past three years, this initiative has successfully provided medical care to more than 25,000 patients in Madurai. 

Dr. Swaminathan C’s commitment to serving the community by bringing medical care directly to those in need demonstrates his dedication to improving healthcare accessibility and affordability for vulnerable populations.

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